About us

Our Journey

Animewise journey began in the second quarter of 2016 as a small Ecommerce apparel store where we started selling 3d printed hoodies and shirts designed by our in-house designers but soon afterwards we ventured into home décor section and started partnership with independent artists and global manufacturing partners from different countries. Now we are no longer few geeks sitting in a small room in Dublin but a huge team of ever-growing independent artists and manufacturing partners working from all over the world.

How We Do It

Using digital printing technology, we custom make everything for you as soon as you order—pairing your favorite designs with our best-in-class array of products. We’ve got ever growing list of designs and products for you to choose from and in case you are unable to find what you are looking for we can help you out with the either design or product. We offer you the opportunity to customize your life with unique products and designs that speak to you.

Championing Independent Artists Globally

Every time you make a purchase from our store you are supporting and independent artist affiliated with animewise. We’re proud to provide a space where artists of all backgrounds can fulfill their creative needs and earn their living.