About us

Our journey began in the second quarter of 2016 as a small online customized clothing retailer where we started selling 3d printed customized hoodies and shirts with few designs. We quickly expanded into other customized clothing products and started home décor section as well. Our dream is to one day become a full-fledged clothing brand where many independents artists freely work with us and not only can showcase there art but can earn their living.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to bring more creativity into the world and this is why we encourage all the independent artist to bring something new, something extra on the board to have that wow! factor when people see it. 

Core Values:

Our most important core values are quality and customer satisfaction. For quality we make sure that we offer procure better fabric than the most of other store provide n same price bracket and this is why when almost everyone else use 90 GSM fabric for bedding we use 120 GSM fabric and we also make sure that our clothing fabric is heavier and softer than most other brands provide to their customer so in this way we can retain our customer and even if customer complains about something we make sure that we either reship or offer refund without any hassle as we believe in the long this will only help us to have more loyal customers.

All over the World

The best thing about having an online presence is that you can show your work to anyone living anywhere in the world and that was our main motivation. We initially focused on the USA and Ireland but soon we started to market our products to rest of the world and now we ship around 180 countries and the good thing is that we offer free standard shipping to these countries.