Black Panther Keychain

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T’Challa, also known as ‘The Black Panther’, is a brilliant and skilled tactician, strategist and master of all unarmed combat. T’Challa’s senses and physical attributes have been enhanced by superhuman levels by the heart-shaped herb.

T'Challa is heir to the centuries-old ruling dynasty of the African kingdom Wakanda, and ritual leader of its Panther Clan.

The Black Panther is ruler to one of the most advanced nations on Earth. Show your support for Wakandan culture and the Wakandan Superhero, by Buying the Black Panther Claw Necklace.

The signature keychain has been Manufactured using PVC for Quality protection and never fading shine, enhanced with brilliant craftsmanship and precision detailing.

Celebrate how much you love Black Panther with the specially personalized bust statue keychain.
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Gender: Unisex
Material: PVC
Theme: Movie & TV